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After a career as a writer and editor at BusinessWeek, Fortune, the Bergen Record, and Institutional Investor magazine, I now write regularly for: The New York Times, Newsday, the New York Observer, The Scientist, and many other publications. In addition, I write reviews for The National of the United Arab Emirates and The New York Journal of Books.

I have also posted on The Huffington Post

And my books have been excerpted in magazines such as  Lilith and CR :


cover story, May 2006
“Merck’s Fall from Grace”
page 26

May 2005
“Trust Busting”
page 110

July 2006
“Is a Diet Pill in Your Future?”
page 150

September 25, 2000
“The Boss’s Daughter”
page 27

April 2005
“What’s Wrong with the FDA?”
page 34

Newsday, January 1, 2005
“Boutique Medicine”
page B6

I write on an eclectic range of topics, including the following:

• has the FDA gotten more lenient? (“New Day at the FDA”) Institutional Investor, July-August 2012)

• how do the 1% feel about being targeted by Occupy Wall Street? (“Color the 1 Percent 99 Percent Conflicted”) The New York Times, February 8, 2012)

• can playing video games help kids lose weight? (“Nintendo Oui: Active Video Games May Be As Healthy for Kids As Conventional Play Time,”, June 17, 2009)

• why do doctors and store clerks ignore their elderly customers? (The New York Times, May 10, 2012)

• do diet drugs work? (“Is a Diet Pill in Your Future?” Self, July 2005)

• is the promise of stem-cell research just hype? (“Have Stem Cells Finally Arrived?” Chief Executive, March 2006)

• why are men more willing to use their expense accounts than women? (“When It Comes to Expense Accounts, Why Do Men Get the Gravy?” Working Woman)

 • can hormone treatments or extreme dieting really help you live longer? (“Buying Youth,” Worth, November 2007)

• what do the super-rich do inside their super-secret club?  (“A Club to Discuss Discreetly the Issues of Wealth,” The New York Times,  October 20, 2010)

• what’s with Starbucks’ secret new restaurants? (“Shot in the Arm,”, September 14, 2009)

• how come those hockey players have a better 401(k) than you have? (“The Best 401ks Set a Higher Bar for Others,” The New York Times,  March 12, 2014)

• has Apple finally discovered eco-awareness? (and if so, what about those iPod batteries?)  (“Green Apple,” December 18, 2009)

• what drives the super-wealthy to give away their money? (“Purse-String Powerhouses,” the New York Observer, November 2, 2016)


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